AALR Group was established in 2017 for a yearning to serve and contribute wellness to the aging demographics via real estate and all that it offers; Assisted Living Facilities. Certified by the State of Florida as one of many requirements to satisfy.

As with many markets participation grew the knowledge and the unequality that is currently offered.

AALR Group is striving for maximum participation of operators in the State of Florida to offer them unique and iinticing vehicles in which to launch and grow their operations.

What People Say

“…Phenomenal learning experience and insight into something we know nothing about, assisted living facilities (ALF). Me and my brother Chris are Real Estate investors; fix and flip, buy and hold, etc. We viewed ALF as a new way to expand our horizons. However it is very difficult to find any education on this subject. We were very fortunate to find a couple that possess a wealth of information on this topic.” RCJ

Thank you kindly. I greatly appreciate any and all the information you have given me. You’re a blessing! 

Supreme Senior Living

Let’s build something together.

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